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A new way of thinking...

I joined this MSc program from interest of the oil and gas field. After one year, I ended up becoming really enthusiastic with the industry! For this contributed not only the professors from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, but also the visiting professors and industry men that introduced me to a new way of thinking. A large variety of courses from managerial to deep industrial and practical, as well as field trips gave me the opportunity to acquire a good round knowledge and opened my appetite for a carrier in this very promising industry.

Michalis Niarchos

Opportunity to apply management skills into petroleum industry...

I chose this Msc program because I was looking for my next academic step after my bachelor degree. This MSc gave me the opportunity to apply management skills into petroleum industry, which is in industry that I would like to work for. To choose the MSc Program was a conscious choice which I will never regret.

Elson Zguri

Opportunities for my personal growth and development...

There comes a time in life when a person needs to consolidate his accumulated work experience over the years, and to renew his academic and professional skills in order to remain employable in the ever evolving competitive global environment. This is the only way forward to remain marketable since a job for life does not reflect today's reality. A team of professionals at Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology helped me decide which study course to undertake according to my carrier path and aspirations. This course (MSc in Oil and Gas Technology) gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills.

Although this is my first experience in this subject, I found the course material very interesting. The course was full of challenges, where I was faced with lots of ups and downs, but one thing I have learned in this course, was how to convert these challenges into opportunities for my personal growth and development. With the support of a professional and dedicated team of lecturers, my dream turned into reality.

If I did it, you can do it too!

Olga Papantsiou

A valuable learning experience...

"Career, success, life, achievements" is what we all have in our minds; students in the MSc in Oil and Gas Technology early realize that this motto can be more easily fulfilled.

Since you start the studies you will be able to understand that this is going to be a valuable learning experience. Skillful, organized, dedicated, hardworking, interesting professors, providing you with real world experience and gaining all the provided knowledge, lead you a step further to be a valuable candidate among others in the highly competitive industry of oil and gas. Great environment, exchanging ideas in different fields, teamwork allow you to build great memories, motivate and even create friendship bonds.

Eleftheria Evangelou

A new vision of professional development...

At Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology I got a new vision of professional development; I have improved some personal qualities such as self discipline, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. I like the modern way of training the most.

The program builts the leadership skills I needed, and the skills to make decisions. The environment in which I study is extremely interesting and international, and it enriches you professionally and as an engineer and as person as well. In general it is an experience that, apart from the academic credentials, serves as an important catalyst for my career placement.

Soniadou Georgia

A unique opportunity...

Many people ask me why I choose to attend this MSc Course of the Petroleum Engineering Department since I already have MSc Degree and lot years of experience. My answer is that as a Petroleum Engineer it’s impossible to lose this opportunity to attend a course that is exactly on my specialty and that is a unique opportunity for any Petroleum Engineer who is interest to enrich his knowledge.
After the first semester of attendance I have to say that I took the best decision.
The knowledge and the experiences that one take jointed this particular MSc course offer him a holistic view about the petroleum industry.
Great teachers and lecturers from Greece and abroad quote their knowledge and experience and create with the projects a great environment of collaboration between the students. Training in high technology laboratory equipment gives a unique experience to the students to investigate subjects that interest oil and gas industry.
Unreservedly recommend to anyone who is interested in the oil and gas science and looks forward to work in this industry field to attend this MSc program of Oil and Gas Technology Department of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology.

Kokkoni Karakosta

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