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Being a member of Masters in Oil and Gas Technology at IHU is one the wisest decision I took

Michael Alao Olumide
Title: BSc in Petroleum Engineering
Nationality: Nigerian (Ibadan)

Being a member of Masters in Oil and Gas Technology at International Hellenic University is one the wisest decision I took. The program was rich in knowledge with distinguished tutors from academic background and industrial experts with a memorable practical experience from onshore and offshore Energean Oil and Gas Company. The master program has what it takes to be successful as a petroleum engineer and also in administration in terms of professional career. I sincerely appreciate the management of International Hellenic University and the MSc Director of Oil and Gas Technology for their tremendous effort to keep the master program alive during this period of pandemic disease. The program have come up with a way that ensures that all lectures continues while considering the safety of all student and also enabling all student to be law abiding citizen of this country. My vote of thanks goes to all lectures, staffs and members of this university who have contributed significantly to the progress of this program during the period of the pandemic disease called COVID-19.
I am proud to be a member of this great Institution.

Ιt is not just a standard Master’s degree

Elie Meez
Title: BSc in Chemical Engineering
Nationality: Lebanese (Beirut)

In the MSc in Oil & Gas Technology of the International Hellenic University at the Kavala Campus, you can rest assured that it is not just a standard Master’s degree. The people in charge made sure that you will leave this program gaining the most possible amount of knowledge that you can and more importantly that you will need for your future. The program emphasizes on developing your personality especially in management and leadership alongside the expected engineering applied skills without forgetting the numerous facilities and laboratories that will easily move you one step closer to your objectives. Once you are admitted in this program, rest assured that the program and its respective people in charge will constantly lead you and guide you throughout your journey to success. What makes things more interesting is my experience with the program during the COVID-19 crisis. The MSc did not allow for the students to be left out with void and made sure that their studies are offered and continued online. Moreover, several webinars were provided for further knowledge increase and the MSc was even there for the International Students in terms of doing the necessary arrangements to ensure accommodation and meals for their students during the pandemic. It is a new situation that we are involved in, but personally I have learned to cope with the quarantine and sustain my capabilities and even improve them and a big part of that is because of the MSc program righteous decisions. In other words, applying for this Master’s degree was the right choice and being part of it is actually a privilege everyone should aspire for.

Not even covid-19

Yusuf Jimeta Yohannah
Title: BSc in Industrial Chemistry
Nationality: Nigerian (Benin)

While the world faces a difficult time that had almost brought every system to a stop including institutions of learning, the MSc in Oil and Gas Technology of the International Hellenic University gave the COVID-19 its first defeat by being resilient and quickly adjusting/ deploying every mechanism to counter its effect, making sure that its programs progresses as scheduled. Thanks to the excellent administration of IHU and the dynamic “master thinker” - MSc Director (Prof. N.C.Kokkinos) together with his staff. IHU MSc in Oil and Gas Technology is where everyone with determination, regardless of study background can achieve his/her full potentials with no limits, here adequate provision is made to overcome every challenge, delivering quality education by world best both from the industry and academia. Students have opportunity to be SPE student members and to access SPE resources- somehow providing a link to meeting 'great men' of the industry. I would rather study in IHU!

It is no doubt that IHU cherishes and ensures the safety of her international students

Blessing Sokunbi
Title: BSc in Chemical Engineering
Nationality: Nigerian (Abeoquta)

In the face of an unprecedented situation of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic outbreak, which has enormously challenged the world globally with its great impact.
I will say that, the MSc in Oil and Gas Technology program at International Hellenic University is one that has been fashioned in form of a shoe with resilient cushioning. Thus, able to thrive  with the initiative of a  scheduled distance learning (online class) by the Program Director, Prof. Nikolaos C. Kokkinos from our various locations since the inception of all schools and universities shutdown during these arduous time of Covid-19 outbreak. This is a great significance as it indicates great importance on law abiding, ensuring students safety and well being. Also, it indicates a high level of commitment towards ensuring a successful program delivery against all the odds of Covid-19, which is highy commendable.
This hard time has shut a door of confinement on us all by staying at home and staying safe to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Albeit, our learning wasn’t confined, as Covid-19 didn’t bring an abrupt pause or end to the MSc in Oil and Gas Technology program, rather, the program’s continuity initiative ensured that we didn’t feel alone or isolated. Therefore, encouraging our physical health and mental well being during this time.
More so, as an international student , it is no doubt that International Hellenic University cherishes and ensures the safety of its international students and well being by collaborating with the Ministry of Education by providing us safer accommodation upon a passed law of dormitories closure during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

Covid-19 will not prevent us from reaching our goals

Elissavet Emmanouilidou
Title: BSc in Chemistry
Nationality: Greek (Kavala)

When I decided to start this MSc program in Oil and Gas Technology of International Hellenic University in Kavala, for sure nobody could ever imagine that a pandemia, called Covid-19 or Coronavirus, would suddenly appear trying to cause changes and challenges to our routine life. As a result, regarding the safety of everyone’s health, our live courses of the MSc program were also affected. Initially, when I was informed about this undesirable situation I felt really disappointed, because I had such an enthusiasm for this second semester that has already started. So, at this point I would like to recognize that until now nothing has changed significantly as far as it concerns the courses of our second semester, due to the well scheduled e-classes. This can be considered as a great achievement and we feel actually grateful to all the professors and everyone who is responsible for the continuity of our MSc program. We can participate in the courses safely and healthy and this is the most important issue. The interaction, during the lectures, with our professors is really sufficient and we can stay focused on the subject. Except for this, we are also able to register and watch SPE Live Webinars as student members of SPE, which is a unique experience.
I hope, as everyone, that this situation regarding coronavirus could really change as soon as possible, but till then we keep on learning and chasing our goals.

The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry

Deborah Chinaza Nkagbu
Title: BSc in Chemical Engineering
Nationality: Nigerian (Abuja)

As a Chemical Engineer, I wanted a master’s degree that will enable me to climb the corporate ladder, develop managerial skills, understand business, fast-track my career, and experience personality development in the oil and gas Industry. The International Hellenic University’s MSc in Oil and Gas Technology is the future of Petroleum Industry because the industry needs high achieving Engineers with managerial skills in decision making. As an international student, MSc in Oil and Gas Technology gave me a new perspective about businesses, the upstream oil and gas and experience living abroad. This exposure helped to stretch my cultural and intellectual boundaries.
Despite the challenging crisis of Covid-19, the university, through the help of the Greek Ministry of Education was able to find appropriate measures to continue the program successfully without any interruptions.

We stay strong!

Vasiliki Svarna
Title: BSc in Civil Engineering
Nationality: Greek (Larissa)

We live a very strange and unprecedented situation due to the pandemic of COVID-19.  As we see the spread of this virus all around the world we are very concerned about the consequences of this in our lives. Not only in our health but also in economy, international markets, in petroleum industry etc. As an MSc student I really worried about how will we continue the academic semester.
This MSc is really what everyone can expect from an MSc in Oil and Gas Technology. It provides you with all the scientific aspects from different fields such is management, drilling engineering, chemical issues etc. For this reason, I felt really relieved when we started to do distant learning courses. From the very first moment, the professors, technicians and everyone who is relates to this MSc did their best to give us the opportunity to continue our lessons. And this is the most important thing during this period. So, I would like to thank them all and I really recommend to anyone who likes Petroleum Engineering to do this MSc. As a Civil Engineer anyone can think “What is the relationship between these 2 sciences?”. This question can be answered during the MSc programme and I tell you that the answer is very interesting. Also, we had the unique opportunity to participate in SPE’s Live Webinars as students. And this is a very interesting experience!
In conclusion, I would like to motivate everyone to give our truly congratulations to all these people inside the hospitals that give a serious battle. A battle not only with corona virus but also with the huge shortcomings in all necessary medicine stuff (masks, medical robes, personnel). So from our homes we strong their voices and we don’t remain silent! Remember! Stay healthy and strong!

Suitable for either young students or experienced professionals

Nikitas Lourmpas
Title: BSc in Petroleum Engineering
Nationality: Greek (Athens)

As a young student graduating from a Petroleum Engineering related University, your first initiative would be to search for a suitable MSc program to expand your horizons and options in this specific society. Through my experience during my studies in the MSc in Oil & Gas Technology Program of International Hellenic University, I personally recommend this MSc Program as your best option regarding your future in the field. The opportunity of hands on industrial training, studying under the guidance of top tier professors and world-renowned professionals in the Petroleum Engineering business, value for money MSc degree and the unique chance experimenting with cutting edge technology equipment, is an unparalleled option for either young students or experienced professionals.

The curriculum is so rich in content, it more than meet my expectations

Mohammed Abubakar Elleman
Title: BSc in Chemistry
Nationality: Nigerian (Lagos)

I am working with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), which is the regulatory agency of oil and gas in Nigeria. My interest in MSc Oil & Gas Technology stemmed from my job; it requires a lot of skills to be a seasoned regulator and I believe I have come to the right place; IHU Kavala, a world-class University equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities for any scientist or petroleum engineer willing to gain both practical as well as theoretical experience in the competitive Oil and Gas Industry. I particularly chose International Hellenic University (IHU), because it combines business management with core petroleum engineering courses. The curriculum is so rich in content, it more than meet my expectations. In this emergency situations, the teaching style immediately switched to distance-learning without breaking. Indeed, this showed how proactive the MSc Management functions in the IHU and the flexibility of the programme.  
I recommended IHU to colleagues and will continue to do so to anyone willing to gain an in-depth knowledge and relevant experience in oil and gas industry from a world-class International Hellenic University in Kavala, Greece.

This remarkable program gives you all the essential skills to achieve your objectives

Georgios Tziatzias
Title: BSc in Petroleum Engineering
Nationality: Greek (Paramythia)

After the completion of my Bachelor degree, I was looking for an MSc program which can combine management and Oil & Gas Engineering courses. This remarkable program gives you all the essential skills to achieve your objectives through high-quality courses that the MSc program provides, you can become an extremely all around well-educated professional. If someone wants to have a successful career in the Oil & Gas industry I highly recommend this MSc program.

MSc Program academic timetable was not effected during this period

Oluka Ngofa
Title: BSc in Oil and Gas Engineering
Nationality: Nigerian (Port Harcourt)

I Engr. Ngofa Oluka, an MSc (Student) in Oil and Gas Technology at International Hellenic University, Kavala, Greece, and a graduate Holder B.Engr. in Oil and Gas Engineering would love to personally appreciate the diligent effort of the Management of International Hellenic University and the MSc Program Director on the way they have handle this MSc program during this period of global Pandemic (COVID-19); as we all known, Safety is part of science and the Management has exhibit this during his period by making sure we are safe.
The MSc Program academic timetable was not effected during this period because the university authority made this possible though the arrangement of e-class learning platform and with the Seminars lectures of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), which has been very helpful, encouraging, to maintain our academic activities, it was a wonderful experience and I am very proud of the way the authority have handle this Program. Very Impressive I must say.
Nevertheless, I would love to appreciate the opportunity giving to me to be part of this wonderful experience doing this period of COVID-19. Thank You.

Professors take the career success of student to heart

Mark Acheampong Owusu
Title: BA in Integrated Rural Art and Industry
Nationality: Ghanaian (Accra)

My decision to join MSc in Oil and Gas Technology at International Hellenic University was made carefully made on the premise of how dynamic, unique and comprehensive the programme is. Having a blend of business and engineering delivered by highly sort industry professors nothing to be taken granted off. Professors take the career success of student to heart and as result, gives career guidelines and advise. Lessons are crafted in a way to make student relevant to the industry. Being part of SPE also helps in networking with industrial players and students. Anyone who intends to take a career path as an oil and gas engineer or in administrative managerial roles in the future should look no further because the best university to be is the International Hellenic University.

Fall in love with the specific field

Panagiotis Papathanasiou
Title: BSc in Hellenic Army Academy
Nationality: Greek (Drama)

I attended the MSc program without coming from the field, in order to be better, more educated in my work and also because the oil and gas field was always something fascinating for me. After having completed a semester, the things that I have been taught by my professors made me in fact to ‘’fall in love’’ with the specific field and they have already broaden my horizons with partially immediate application in my workplace. Who knows about the future and where I can use the wonderful things I have been taught?



A unique, highly academic and innovative program...

The Master in Oil & Gas Technology of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology is a unique, highly academic and innovative program that combines engineering disciplines with administrative influences which aims to give students the chance to become not only Oil & Gas specialists, but to be the ones that corporations will rely on to make decisions.

The innovation of the program also lies in the fact that during the 13 months of our studies we had the chance not only to follow theoretical courses, but also to get hands on industrial training by visiting the onshore and offshore facilities of Kavala-Oil Company and be trained by its personnel.
Moreover, the program offered us the opportunity to become SPE members (as students) in the first acknowledged SPE chapter that was created in Greece and more specifically in Kavala town, by the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology providing us that way the tools to build our professional network in the oil industry.

Whether someone wants to be an engineer within the oil industry and have the vision to advance in administrative positions, or even to follow a strictly academic carrier, then MSc in Oil & Gas Technology is the answer.

Nikolaos Gazis

A step forward...

During my occupation in the industry field, I was looking for a postgraduate program that it would combine engineering & business studies.

The highly academic and professional courses, the connection with the unique industry oil drilling Kavala Oil and the personality, experience and qualifications of the MSc Director and President of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Prof. A. Ch. Mitropoulos, was a motivation for me to attend the MSc.

With the completion of the first semester a job opportunity arrived in Elpedison Power S.A., group of Hellenic Petroleum and Italian Edison Spa. Highly recommend the program to those who want a career in the oil industry.

Nikos Strolios

A new way of thinking...

I joined this MSc program from interest of the oil and gas field. After one year, I ended up becoming really enthusiastic with the industry! For this contributed not only the professors from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, but also the visiting professors and industry men that introduced me to a new way of thinking. A large variety of courses from managerial to deep industrial and practical, as well as field trips gave me the opportunity to acquire a good round knowledge and opened my appetite for a carrier in this very promising industry.

Michalis Niarchos

Opportunity to apply management skills into petroleum industry...

I chose this Msc program because I was looking for my next academic step after my bachelor degree. This MSc gave me the opportunity to apply management skills into petroleum industry, which is in industry that I would like to work for. To choose the MSc Program was a conscious choice which I will never regret.

Elson Zguri

Opportunities for my personal growth and development...

There comes a time in life when a person needs to consolidate his accumulated work experience over the years, and to renew his academic and professional skills in order to remain employable in the ever evolving competitive global environment. This is the only way forward to remain marketable since a job for life does not reflect today's reality. A team of professionals at Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology helped me decide which study course to undertake according to my carrier path and aspirations. This course (MSc in Oil and Gas Technology) gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills.

Although this is my first experience in this subject, I found the course material very interesting. The course was full of challenges, where I was faced with lots of ups and downs, but one thing I have learned in this course, was how to convert these challenges into opportunities for my personal growth and development. With the support of a professional and dedicated team of lecturers, my dream turned into reality.

If I did it, you can do it too!

Olga Papantsiou

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